Hospital Parking

Royal  Valet is proud of the fine work it delivers in customer satisfaction and continues to improve the experience for medical facilities and hospitals patients during there visits. We believe that such matters are of the relevance, and not having to worry about “the car” during these important and sometimes very delicate situations. We bring professionalism, courtesy and visitor satisfaction based on our long tenure in the parking services industry. We can help you maintain your high level of patient care services while bringing a reliable and most important, seamless service to your medical campus.

Your Hospital or Patient Care facility. Will improve the patients timed visit which leads to greater patient and visitor satisfaction. In addition, our professionals help eliminate the clutter of your lots. Its needless to say that helping the patients in and out from there vehicles, is a big plus for those who need the help and for you to offer when necessary. Moreover, we improve the outpatient and check out process for increased comfort and flow and Increase security for your patients, visitors and employees, with our trained professionals always sharp and aware for our safety.

  • Valet
  • Self-Parking
  • Employee parking
  • Wheel Chair Escort
  • Shuttles
  • Revenue control
  • Parking equipment
  • Reporting of revenue control
  • Length of stay
  • Tracking stats
  • Onsite management