Hotel Parking

We here at Royal valet adhere to your high-level customer service and will make and maintain a positive first and last impression on your property. Royal Valet has extensive experience in working with and managing the front house of fine, high-end Hotel, Casinos and business travel Properties. Our team is courteous and professional and become a staple with your visitors awarding overall experience.

Our goal here at Royal Valet is to enhance your guest and customer service levels and Put a high-energy ambassador in front of your property to serve as an extension of your staff. We will help you implement the latest in valet and parking technology management solutions. Our team of seasoned veterans offer Customized solutions that meets your needs including valet, self-park, bell staff, employee parking, shuttles, revenue control and parking equipment, and validation tracking.

We also keep a detailed log of In-depth reporting for revenue control, length of stay and peak service times. We have strict policies and guidelines that incorporate hiring, training and on-going employee development to deliver consistent, reliable and repeatable service.

  • Valet Self-park
  • Employee Parking
  • Shuttles
  • Revenue Control Parking Equipment
  • Reporting of Revenue Control
  • Length of Stay
  • Tracking Stats
  • Onsite Management